Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, Sunday Dinner is more than just a singular meal it’s a lifestyle. It culminates around the table breaking bread and enjoying the company of those who are most precious in your life, but it also starts in the garden while tending to those same vegetables that will grace your table. Sunday Dinner lives in the music that you carefully select to set the perfect mood, the linens and tabletop items that are put on display, the art that hangs on your wall or your favorite book that you so eagerly want to share.  It’s about taking time, a day, a weekend and making it sacred doing the things that brings you joy. There is an art to Sunday Dinner and I say why not incorporate some of that into your every day and not just reserve it for Sunday.  Everything we share on this blog will enhance your life the same way that a great Sunday Dinner will, literally and figuratively.

Heather Watkins Jones