The Host

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Welcome to my virtual home, I am your host Heather Watkins Jones.  That’s me in the photo above with my regular Sunday Dinner crew.  I’m a food professional aka professionally trained chef, food writer, recipe developer and cooking instructor.  But most importantly I’m a curator of sorts some might even say lifestyle expert and I love sharing information on  food, decor, music, literature, and even some parenting advice that is designed to enhance your life in the most positive way. Life  can be messy and not always fun but here you are my guest and I’m determined to make our time together as enjoyable as possible.  

Other random interesting facts…

  • I’m a closet vegetarian
  • My favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice (with Colin Firth)
  • I once went to Ozzfest, as in Ozzy Osborne
  • My favorite Ice Cream is Mint Chocolate Chip
  • The car of my dreams is a vintage 1957 Mercedes Roadster, but my next car will probably be a Toyota Prius.
  • I went to High School in Delaware
  • Yoga not Pilates
  • I was DIY, before DIY was cool
  • My favorite board game is Clue
  • I wrote a mystery novel – never published (shitty first draft resides in a shoe box underneath my bed)
  • My favorite television show is Parenthood
  • My oldest daughter is Autistic
  • I am exactly where God wants me to be
  • My grandmother’s favorite saying is “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed”.
  • Bourbon not Rum
  • Wine not Beer
  • I love too many songs to have a favorite one
  • My favorite color is blue, I think
  • Tea not Coffee
  • Current most played song on my iTunes list “Dog Days are Over”
  • Jay-Z not 50 Cent
  • Coltrane and Coldplay
  • Sean Connery  & Daniel Craig not Timothy Dalton or Roger Moore
  • Food Hero – My grandfather, Fred L. Watkins Sr.
  • Baldwin, Hughes, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Chaucer but no Steinbeck
  • NPR addict
  • Hardwood not Carpet
  • Cottage yes, mansion no
  • Sunday Dinner, always!