Dirty Little Secrets


Here’s a little real talk for you. Sometimes I feel like a fraud, the online world can be an “interesting” place. Blogging and Social media has proven to be a wonderful resource for many, but it can also play into the many insecurities that we as imperfect people are plagued with. People tend to only portray themselves online in the most positive light and I guess that’s one thing if you’re marketing a brand or offering a service but what about the mom next door.  It reminds me of High School or a dating website even though not everyone is searching for their perfect match, they just want to be liked, read or have their wares bought. I often think that I’m not really being myself in this space, like I’m holding back in some way or trying to fit into this mold of how a person in my position should be.  Maybe it’s because I am trying to build a brand and I’m not really blogging just for myself anymore. There’s some self-help stuff out there that talks about being your most authentic self. I guess that’s it, I don’t feel authentic. I’ve contemplated starting yet another blog one that isn’t about brand building but one that‘s just about me and the messiness of life. A new blog probably is not the answer but it’s a thought.

Anyway in an attempt to be authentic, here are a few of my dirty little secrets that in my opinion most culinary professionals wouldn’t dare share.  Enjoy them and if you’re an avid cook please feel free to share a few of you secrets with me too.

  • Fast Food – Yes I’ve had fast food, so have my kids (more than they should) and I’m sure I’ll have it again. I do opt for healthier versions (if such a thing really exists) but none the less I too with all of my culinary training and nutritional know how can find it hard to resist the drive thru window when I’m out in the world.
  • Boxed Mac & Cheese – My sister the fashionista will gladly tell you she loves this particular generic brand of boxed mac and cheese and so do my girls. I can’t pinpoint the first time someone made it for them and even though I make a mean homemade mac and cheese of my own at the end of the day it really is about convenience. We generally tend to stick with the Annie’s Organic Brand but it’s still mac and cheese in the box.
  • The Rice Cooker – I made a wonderful discovery not too long ago that has made my rice cooker one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. Not only is it good for cooking rice but also any other of your favorite whole grains. I no longer have to contend with under cooked barley or mushy quinoa. This isn’t really a dirty secret but one that some more “serious” cooks would probably look their nose down on. The joy of being able to just throw some whole grains in with a little stock and a few aromatics while I move on to preparing the next part of the meal is truly a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with a little hands free cooking every now and again.
  • Cheap Wine – I like cheap wine and I’m not talking about Boones Farm or Arbor Mist, but a good easy drinking California red table wine that retails for $4.99 or Trader Joes infamous “Two Buck Chuck”. I started my food writing career by writing a series of articles on food and wine pairing so I do know my stuff but I also know enough about the industry to know that I don’t have to drop $20 bucks to find something that will happily complement my meal.
  • I Never Feel Like Cooking – When I was a kid my grandfather who is a retired culinary professional never cooked at home and I didn’t understand it. He was so passionate about food and making sure food was always prepared well at his job but yet at home he hardly went near a stove. I didn’t understand it until I became a culinary professional myself. When you cook for a living sometimes you just need a break, many chefs talk about cooking for their families even after spending hours in a restaurant kitchen and believe me that’s an incredibly admirable thing. I am beyond passionate about food and eating, I can spend hours upon hours flipping through cookbooks and magazines getting inspired and making lists of dishes that I want to prepare but sometimes by the time I actually get into the kitchen I’ve lost a little of the wind in my sails. That’s when a cocktail and some good jazz music comes into play…lol. The other funny thing about this idea of not wanting to be in the kitchen at times is that once I do get started cooking I’m instantly reminded how much I love it and I don’t ever want to stop.

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