Happy New Year!

Simple-Happy-New-Year-Message-2015I asked my sister if it was too late to do a Happy New Year post and she said as long as I got it in before the end of January I was in the clear so here we are. I had every intention of giving you a glimpse into my Holiday celebrations but as Christmas drew nearer it became more important than ever to just check out of the online world and be present with my family. This was the first Christmas without my mom and mother in law and I didn’t really know what to expect…I didn’t know whether I would fall into some sort of deep depression or simply carry on business as usual. I basically resided somewhere in between, still managed to enjoy every moment and for the first time in months was able to truly rest and relax. So far 2015 is proving to be a year full of promise, although I still haven’t finished constructing my vision board I already feel that growth and blessings are on the way, not without challenges or disappointments but still blessings none the less. My “word” for 2014 was FOCUS and at the time that word was supposed to represent the focus I needed to push my career to the next level but by the end of 2014 it was clear that the focus that needed the most attention was my family. This year’s word is DETERMINATION. I am more determined than ever to grow in my faith, my role as a mother (and that doesn’t mean trying to be some perfect stepford wife) and truly finding work that is fulfilling.

And speaking of work, sadly returning to life as a cubicle dweller has kept me away from this space longer than I thought. I vaguely remember bragging about working full-time before and being able to keep up with blogging but this time around that task isn’t so easy. You see my dirty little secret is that last time around I did a good deal of blogging on company time, now I don’t have that luxury and my post work hours are filled with family, ministry and civic duties. So what’s the first thing that gets neglected…the blog.

I can’t tell you what the future holds but I will try to get to this space more often than not, my vision for The Art of Sunday Dinner hasn’t changed it just may take me a little longer than expected to bring it to fruition and that’s okay too. I don’t have any food porn for you today, I’m back on weight watchers…I know, I know I’ve joined the millions of others that have declared to improve their health this year but for me weight watchers isn’t always about losing weight but helping me to be more disciplined about what I eat. I allowed myself to fall off the wagon and stay off of it for way too long and now I’m starting to feel it, literally. I’m not feeling very good in my own skin or clothes for that matter. I did have a point I was trying to make…oh yeah, I haven’t been photographing my food and I can’t share a new recipe without a photo to put you in the right mood. So today I thought I’d do a little “What I’m loving Right Now”. A collection of articles,blogs, books, all sorts of things that are nurturing me in many ways. So enjoy the links below and until next time. Remember to incorporate a bit of that leisurely Sunday Spirit into your Every Day!

  •  This book is just what the doctor ordered. I’m not trying to put my family on blast but no one taught me about managing money growing up and I’ve had to learn the importance of saving and spending wisely the hard way. Now that I find myself in a position of making a little more money I definitely need to be reminded of some cardinal rules when it comes to managing money and also learn to recognize the triggers or traps that we sometimes fall into that lead us down the wrong path. All I can say is read it, you won’t regret it.
  • These boots! As a girl with some pretty muscular calves the struggle to find a tall boot that works is REAL. Wish I had bought them in the brown as well black.
  • I have been a fan of this blog for a while but imagine my delight when I realized that every single recipe featured has a weight watchers point value attached to it, SCORE!
  • Where have I been, this not so new trend in blogging is helping me to keep things all in perspective.
  • I can sometimes be a little late to the party but eventually I do get it right. I am now an official Netflix binge watcher.
  • This yoga website has something for enthusiasts of all levels, helping me keep my OM on.
  • Twice weekly baths with any of these smell goods takes all the little stresses of life away.

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