Going Back to School

Life is a journey and every day we should be experiencing or learning something new. I love the idea of continuing ones education, whether it be for personal or professional pursuits. If I had the means and the time I would pursue multiple degrees and certifications. At least once a year I contemplate going back to college to finish my degree in Literature (Quel surprise! I dropped out of college many moons ago for a guy who is now NOT my husband… number #1 major life lesson learned). I’m also currently torn on which yoga teacher training to begin (a long time goal I’m hoping to put into fruition for 2015), a standard program accredited by Yoga Alliance or a Christian based one I recently discovered. And of course I’m always seeking out ways to improve my skills in the kitchen. Even though I am a professionally trained Chef, I haven’t been in a restaurant kitchen in over a decade and even though I’m a pretty darn good home cook those professional level skills are more than a little rusty.

Enter The Kitchn’s online cooking school. The Kitchn is my favorite food site of all time, hands down! I’ve had the good fortune of meeting its executive editor and founder on many occasions and these ladies along with their team of fellow food lovers know their stuff. It is always the first website I go to for inspiration and a refresher on the basics which is what this 20 day virtual cooking school is all about. It’s perfect for those of us that need a little reminder on the proper way to cut an onion but also ideal for those just learning their way around the most loved room in the house. Below is a screenshot of the cooking school’s homepage, but do head on over to the site and sign up today. And if you do sign-up let me know I’d love to compare notes via instagram or twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.05.45 AM


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