How did my Garden grow this Summer?

As I reluctantly prepare for the next seasonal shift, I realize I never gave you a sufficient update on my summer gardening. I have to say all things considered it went pretty well, hitting its high point in late July. At that point I was overrun with herbs, wildflowers of all types were in full bloom and my tomato plants were bursting with tiny yellow flowers the first signs of the coming fruit. Right now leaves are starting to fall from the trees in my backyard, the shrubs that line my front walkway are in need of another trim before the cold weather sets in and I think I’m going to plant some bulbs, tulips for my sister and daffodils in memory of my mom. Although the property still wasn’t magazine ready by any stretch of the imagination all of that digging in the dirt and futzing around the yard definitely helped me with future planting and gave me a real understanding of what works in my space. I’ve already started my to-do list for next Spring which will be even better and the following year better still. In the meantime here’s a glimpse of how it all ended up.

garden recap

Oh and do let me know if any of you have any cold weather gardening projects I should consider.

*First row microgreens, second row pea shoots, third row wildflower patch and black cherry tomato.

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