Getting back on the wheel…

Yes I know two posts in two days is clearly a record of sorts for me, don’t let it go to your head. I’m just feeling somewhat inspired today and decided to go for it.


A while back I told you about my new-found love of pottery making and shared a pic or two of some of my work (see above). I took my first class in late Spring and fell hard for the craft, I had planned on continuing my ceramic studies later in the Summer but life had other plans for me and then I hoped to possibly fit in another series of classes into my schedule this Fall but sadly that’s not going to work either.  My desire to get back on the potter’s wheel is strong at the moment  and I feel like my skill set is strong enough to continue my studies solo. I plan to invest in a wheel of my own in the next few months and as for a kiln I’m sure that will eventually come too but in the meantime until I can set up my own little potters studio, Click on the links below and see some of the pieces that are currently inspiring me.

Santo Tomas Potters for West Elm


Etsy has more pottery vendors than I can shake a stick at but Dorothy Domingo is my favorite, her style mirrors my own.

Frances Palmer has such an incredible range of pieces, truly something for everyone. These hand pitchers however make my heart skip a beat.

And of course my beloved Anthropologie has this incredible “Field Harvest Serveware” collection that I could most certainly plan many Sunday dinners around or any other weeknight meal for that matter.

2 thoughts on “Getting back on the wheel…

    • I’m so glad you like the pieces, just checked out your blog great stuff! My sister and I were both really into jewelry making a few years back. I’m always looking for new and interesting pieces to inspire me in that arena as well.

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