So This is Summer…

Hello there…anybody home? It’s me, Mrs. Jones. I’m not gonna apologize for my absence you guys know how it is, life happens.

My mother passed away on June 19th and I’ve spent these past several weeks healing and just trying to adjust to the new normal, to a life without Mom. I took a break from cooking for a moment, partaking in the endless amounts of covered dishes that showed up on my father’s doorstep.  I ate copious amounts of ice cream, watched hours of television and didn’t exercise a drop. This past week, I’ve found myself getting back to my old self. Cooking, lounging by my aunt’s pool, downloading more books on the kindle than I’ll actually have time to read and working out.  I’ve been power walking/running with the puppy and hitting the yoga mat. I also have my first cooking class of the summer coming up this weekend, “The Thrill of the Grill”, it’s the first one I’ve taught since March or April. It looks like it’s going to be a small group but I’m grateful. It will help me ease back into work mode which includes getting back to the business of blogging and reconnecting with all of you.  My much younger and infinitely more glamorous sister has a Fashion Blog and she’s done a great job with keeping up with her posting in spite of all we’ve been going through as a family…ahh to be young, single and child free again…lol she’s a newbie to the blogging game but already has garnished quite a bit of attention. She’s an IT executive and also my business partner.  I was waiting for another time to share this news but we are in the beginning stages of starting a product line, no launch date has been set and I don’t want to give away too many details but let’s just say it will complement the vision that I have for this site very nicely.

Exactly ten days after my mother passed I celebrated my 39th birthday.  I was in New York, my adopted hometown working the fancy food show with my dear friend Chef Belinda Smith-Sullivan.  For those of you not in the know, the Fancy Food Show is the largest speciality food trade show in the world. They have two a year, one on the east coast in the Summer and one on the west coast in the Winter.  Chef Belinda was debuting her four-year old spice line at the show this year and asked me if I would come and work  the exhibitor booth with her.  I was not about pass up a chance to spend four days child-free in my favorite city even in the midst of my grieving. We had a great time, working the show was tougher than I expected. I had attended in years past as a retail buyer and also as a member of the press but when you are exhibiting it’s a whole other ballgame. We still made sure to have some great meals.  Buvette, Otto and Fish Tag are just a few of the places we dined at. I believe Chef B made some good business contacts and I expect to see her brand really expand into new territory over the next year.


So what’s the plan for the rest of the summer you may be wondering. Several posts back I talked about how I wanted to take this summer for me and my family. Just to reconnect, rest and refuel which is most needed now more than ever.  I’ve got another cooking class scheduled in August and of course Mommyhood stops for no man, but there will continue to be lots of hours lounging by the pool and sitting in the sand. Backyard fire pits, daydreams about my world domination plan and of course this space here.  I’m going to quite enjoy sharing with you some of my favorite summer recipes, books, beverages and more. I may have missed contributing my two cents about 4th of July, the world cup and now Bastille day. But you don’t need a holiday or sporting event to gather around the Summer picnic table and connect.

Summer Moments:  One of my heirloom beauties that a certain 8 year-old prematurely plucked from the vine.  A reflective moment caught by my five year old and the "rose of sharon" in full bloom.

Summer Moments:
One of my heirloom tomatoes that a certain 8-year-old prematurely plucked from the vine.                                                                                                                          A reflective moment caught by my five-year old and the “rose of sharon” in full bloom.

One last thing that I want to leave you with, some great summer tunes. I’m sure you are already aware at just how therapeutic music can be. Not only does it soothe the soul and calm the mind but it can transport you back to a particular time or place. There are a number of different songs that upon hearing the first few chords will immediately transport me back to where I was the first time I heard it. I created the summer playlist below on Spotify, it represents my super eclectic taste in music but most importantly all of these songs are feel good tunes that are meant to be shared with those who are near and dear. Pull up a lounge chair, grab a class of rose and enjoy.

I’m always looking for a new summertime tune to add to my playlist. What are some of your summertime favorites, past and present?

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