More Mint Julep Love…

More Mint Julep Love…


Photo from website

Photo from website

Most of the blogging world in terms of food has moved on to Cinco de Mayo recipes and Mother’s Day brunches, not too worry I’ll be throwing my two cents in about those topics in a few days as well. But for now I’m still in Kentucky Derby mode. Take a look at these fantastic variations on the mint julep from online publication “PUNCH” (See link above before the photo). I love what the folks at PUNCH are doing, they always get it right when it comes to the world of libations, the articles are super informative and the drink recipes inspirational. They’ve got the Sunday Dinner lifestyle down to a tee. I’m thinking of doing the honeysuckle julep for my May cooking class although truth be told my regular clients might be sick of my bourbon obsession.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone and remember to incorporate a little bit of that calm and relaxed Sunday spirit in not just tomorrow but today and every day.

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