Garden Update

I missed my post deadline last week, so that means no more bragging about being on top of my game because clearly I haven’t “made it” yet.  Last Monday was Earth Day, a great subject matter for this blog of mine and also a good opportunity to give you a brief update on the gardening/landscaping situation in my neck of the woods.  We of the human race haven’t always been good to our dear Mother Earth and quite frankly we’re paying for it now. I choose to do my part in every way that I can to make this little world of ours a better place and taking care of my own little patch of land is just another way that I can give back to a planet who has selflessly given to us for centuries.

A few weeks ago, I began the task of cleaning up my act in the gardening and landscaping department. I still have a long way to go before it looks the way that I want but I’m trying to be patient and remember that it’s a work in progress, and shockingly I’ve found my time spent gardening rather therapeutic not that dissimilar to how I feel after coming out of a great yoga class.

Front Garden


After less than a month, basically two Saturday afternoons here’s where I am so far. In the top two photos the before shot is of the large flower bed in the front of my house and the second photo is a side shot. So far I’ve freshened up the mulch, planted two raspberry bushes on either side of the dried up little shrub in the center which I still need to pull up. I’m a little nervous about whether or not the raspberry plants have rooted which means I may lose them. If I do, I’m thinking of replacing them with hydrangea. As for the round section in the front surrounded by rocks, I’ve decided to just fill that area with lots of colorful annuals which I will not plant until after Mother’s Day, hopefully by then this rather inconsistent weather will level off.  The shepherd’s hooks and large flower-pot which are located in the far left hand corner of the flower bed close to the porch steps (with a similar set-up in the far right hand corner as well) will hold hanging baskets of colorful annuals and the large planter with the trellis contains my sweet peas that are sprouting beautifully. The porch photos. As you can see in the after shot, I streamlined my set up a bit to look a little neater. I purchased a new larger window box for the railing which contain parsley, lemon thyme and rosemary. I spray painted two of my terra-cotta pots with chalkboard paint, one contains a basil plant that I already lost due to an unexpected frost and the other garlic chives. In the galvanized tubs are micro greens and kale and mustard greens. On the opposite side of the porch railing also hang two additional planters, one containing lavender the other peppermint. There is also a smaller pot that sits between two adirondack chairs that aren’t in the photo that contains bergamot. I still need to get a few more containers, deeper ones for my tomato plants and a few other veggies.

wildflower seedlings

Nope, I haven’t done that power washing yet but I did clean up the flower bed on the side of the house, I decided to use some of the rocks that have been designated for my husband’s fire pit to create a border, I turned the soil and just threw out a bunch of wildflower seeds. Remember this is going to be my cutting garden, I expect to have some wildflowers gracing my dining table and fireplace mantle by July. I thought about using bulbs instead of seeds for faster growth but I’m also trying to keep things fairly budget friendly not to mention waiting on these seeds will be a real lesson in patience for me…lol

Herbs I’ll give you another sneak peek into my gardening world late next month, by then things should be decidedly more vibrant and cheerful. Happy Belated Earth Day!

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