“Pretty in Pink”

Yesterday was Easter and I realized that one of last week’s posts should have been somehow related to either Passover or Easter. But I’m a blogger who beats to her own drum, so no all natural egg dying tricks for you or the perfect noodle kugel, maybe next year. First let’s talk about this photo shall we, if it looks a little odd that’s because I’ve been playing around with various photo editing apps on my iphone (Too lazy to break out the DSLR) but once you get past all that look at how precious and positively pink this beverage is.

I’m a sucker for a good carbonated beverage, although I finally managed to ween myself off the likes of coke and pepsi. I own a soda stream and have excelled at coming up with my own lightly sweetened concoctions. Recently I was visiting a local natural foods store, saw this on the shelf and it stopped me in the tracks. While I was standing there debating whether or not I could justify nearly $10 for 4 bottles of ” fancy soda” (there are worse vices), the theme song from the 80’s movie “Pretty in Pink” popped into my head. SOLD!!!! I love great packaging and anything that strikes up a nostalgic chord with me is a bonus. So how does it taste you wonder? Best served chilled, it’s a light and refreshing ginger beer with bright lemon flavor and just enough rose fragrance and flavor to leave you feeling like a garden fairy who just indulged in the sweetest nectar. I’m thinking this is the perfect picnic companion or better yet wouldn’t this look lovely poured in champagne flute at brunch for a non-alcoholic drink alternative.

There will definitely be more of this Rose in my future and I’m intrigued by some of the other flavors in the Fentimans line (Particularly the Shandy & Dandelion/Burdock) . Perhaps some food grade rose oil might be a necessary purchase to try and recreate this delightfully delicate beverage at home…I’ll keep you posted.

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