What I’m Loving Right Now…

lilac budsI almost forgot about today’s post, it was definitely one of those days. Cold, raw, damp, dreary, rainy but thank goodness no snow and the temperature has remained above freezing for the last two weeks. Bad weather mixed in with a little random drama that should not be makes for a bad case of the “Mondays” but enough about all of that.

I’ m a list maker. I forget exactly what “they” say about list makers but for me it allows me to feel somewhat organized and have a sense of control over some things. I’m not a control freak in the least but free spirit that I am, I do like things to have sense of order…I know I’m a complicated women. Anyway, back to the lists. Many of my favorite bloggers will from time to time do a post featuring a list of some of their favorite things, those posts end up being some of my favorites because they always introduce me to something new and unexpected. So I’ve decided to jump on in there and do my own favorites lists, simply called “What I’m loving right now” because after all things change for me on almost a daily basis, just one of the pitfalls of being such a complicated women.

  • Thank you 101 Cookbooks for sharing this
  • I took this on my anniversary trip with the hubby and devoured it in two days, it may not be Pulitzer worthy but definitely a stand out in popular fiction and just want I needed to take my mind off of my everyday life.
  • Now I’m reading this
  • I need this skirt in my summer wardrobe and these on my dining room table.
  • Looking forward to having this entertaining space in my back yard this year.
  • And the patio won’t be complete without a couple of these.
  • Tea time just got that much more interesting
  • Fortunate enough to be cooking from these two great books already.
  • Adding this to the ever-growing list of home projects.
  • Frantically trying to plan the family vacation, which I’m not really loving at the moment but I know I will once we’re there.
  • Still one of my favorite food articles because yes my love of bourbon runs that deep.
  • Another reason why I love Whole Foods.

Well that’s what I’m loving right now, can’t wait to see what other good stuff comes across my radar for next month’s list.  Oh and just in case you were wondering what’s in the cool photo. It’s a lilac bud snipped from my neighbor’s lilac bush, I snagged it when I was outside this weekend doing some gardening prep of my own.

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