Tea Time in Morocco

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Before I get into today’s post can I just say hats off to Getty images for now allowing those of us who don’t always have the best photography skills to use many of their images for FREE!!!.  I raise my tea glass to you and hope that many other stock sites will soon be following suit.

I’m a big armchair traveler and a devoted tea drinker. Lately I’ve found myself daydreaming about taking a trip to Morocco, spending my days walking through amazing markets, picking up gorgeous fabrics, festive tableware, spices and then settling in for a memorable meal. Perhaps  a vegetable tagine and of course some Moroccan mint tea.  Although I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a tea drinker it was only two years ago when I was working as a part-time barista and cook for a small cafe that I fell head over heels for Moroccan mint tea.  Now I know what you’re thinking, what’s so special about mint tea? But this isn’t your run of the mill mint tea. Most mint teas that you’ll find on your favorite store shelves are actually peppermint teas which is great for digestion and for helping along congestion when you have a cold. But Moroccan mint is something all together different. Moroccan mint tea is green tea that is steeped with fresh spearmint leaves.  As with many any other tea drinking cultures, preparing Moroccan mint tea is quite ceremonious.

Beautifully engraved silver tea pots with elongated spouts are first rinsed with boiling water, dried green tea leaves are added along with fresh spearmint leaves and sugar. More water is added and the tea is allowed to steep for a few minutes before stirring everything to combine the flavors. The tea is poured into delicate tea glasses but only half way, while you are indulging on that first half cup your hostess is already preparing the second pot for your enjoyment.  Traditionally you’ll go through about 3 pots of tea (each pot only holds about 15 ounces), making this tea time a long and leisurely affair. All of my daydreaming about markets in Morocco and mint tea lead to a phone call to my old boss from the cafe.  She shared with me where she used to purchase the tea for the cafe and an order has already been placed on my behalf along with a set of hand crafted tea glasses and the requisite silver teapot with elongated spout.  I also heard that there is a particular variety of spearmint that is used exclusively in Morocco for their mint tea. I’m already knee-deep in research looking for that variety to add to my window boxes this spring…lol

I can’t wait to share this new way of doing tea time with my family and friends and I hope you will too.

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