Hello Again…

Well, well, well…here we are one year later. Who starts a new blog, writes a moderately interesting post and then runs off for a year without a single word? That would be me raising my hand in the back of the room.  What I can say, you would think that an established food writer would have no problems keeping up with a blog but apparently some of us do.  Just ask Melissa Clark, of course I don’t write for the New York Times and sadly haven’t co-authored any best-selling cookbooks of late but I have been keeping pretty busy none the less.  Sick parents (both my mother and mother in law are battling cancer), part-time job(s), freelance gigs, husband, kids, church ministry…should I go on.  Honestly as much as I enjoy blogging and really I do, it’s always the first thing to go when life gets busy. And those of you who have been doing it for a while and doing it well know that producing quality content takes work no matter how fun it is and no matter how many doors it may open for you.  Another blogging thing that I struggle with, and this is one of the dirty little secrets of the blogging world that folks don’t like to talk about it.  I can get easily discouraged by the millions of other blogs out there that appear to be “better” than my own.  I have often fell into the trap of comparing myself to others, always a dangerous practice and never productive. So with all of that being said why am I back you wonder.  Because at the end of the day I am first and foremost a writer, before I was a chef, wife, mother, hell even before I was a sister I was a writer and writers need that space where their work can be validated.  Also because I love what I am attempting to create here with “The Art of Sunday Dinner”, it is a lifestyle, a real one that represents all of who I am and I’m excited about it and want to share it with the world…really I do.

I’ve been re-inspired, re-invigorated and I’m re-committed to bringing you fun, interesting and useful quality content here on this site.  I’ve got so many great things in store, exciting projects and collaborations that will take this whole Sunday Dinner thing to the next level but you’ll just have to keep coming back to find out what’s it all about.  My goal is to post once a week and Monday is as good a day as any, so be sure to stop back by next Monday and be surprised. But before I leave you can we talk about the gorgeous photo below…

signs of springThis is currently my favorite photo, and probably one of the best ones I now own.  I think I need to print it out and frame it.  Even with nearly 10 inches of snow on the ground as I sit here and write type I can’t help but smile when looking at this photo.  That’s my hand (are you digging the new gel manicure), holding my “Signs of Spring” bouquet. This past Saturday, my little sister and I along with her super cool bestie Sarah headed up to Terrain in Glen Mills, Pa for their “Signs of Spring” event.  It was two hours of utter bliss, refreshing spring cocktails, a room full of smartly dressed folks with a real love of effortlessly elegant home decor and landscape design. We made our own little personalized Spring bouquets, received instagram photo taking tips from noted lifestyle photographer Nicole Franzen and then took a stroll in their retail store and cafe where I wanted one of everything!!! Terrain in my mind  is one of those spaces that truly represents the Sunday Dinner lifestyle, great decor combined with even better food and shared with lovely friends and family.  You know I couldn’t leave empty-handed, so I picked up this heavenly smelling soy candle called “Let’s Celebrate”. I’ll let you know when the cause for celebration arises.

TerrainBe sure to do something special on that first day of Spring this week, talk a walk outside and investigate the signs of new life or pick your very on Spring bouquet but whatever you do remember to bring a little bit of Sunday into the every day.


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